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Strategic Sourcing
We can provide solutions on:
  • Procurement Strategies
  • Identifying opportunities/projects aligned to adding Value
  • Potential suppliers to work with
  • Running RFX and evaluating results
  • Recommendations
Purchase 2 Pay 

We can help to either set up your P2P process or improve it taking into consideration workflows and delegated authority matrix. This would cover the following:
  • Search Catalogues
  • Creating Requisitions 
  • Requisition Workflows
  • Creating P.Os
  • Goods Receipting
  • Supplier Performance
  • Payments
Spend Analysis

This is an important area which will help determine opportunities for a business. We can help in guiding you through this process.
  • Receiving spend data from various sources
  • Analysing the data
  • Breaking this down into meaningful categories
  • Baselining
  • Identifying opportunities
Contract Management

Having completed the Strategic Sourcing exercise, this is an important area of the Procurement Cycle. We can help you in this phase by: 
  • Negotiating the contracts
  • Ensuring any special conditions have been covered
  • Incorporating innovation and Value Add Activities
  • Executing the contracts
  • Managing the contracts 
  • Capturing Cost Savings and reporting thereon
  • Monitoring supplier performance
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Conduct Post Contract reviews
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