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Simply Procurement was founded on the premise of working closely with stakeholders throughout to deliver sustainable procurement solutions and value for money.

Most organisations realise that procurement if carried out correctly can unlock potential profits buried within it. The challenge however lies in converting this potential into profit.

Simply Procurement has a team that is focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness of your procurement function. We are a consulting company based in Sydney, Australia serving clients across Asia Pacific and Europe. The company provides business solutions across the Procurement Life Cycle by ensuring alignment of Procurement strategy to Business Strategy.

Core Values


  • Ensuring safe working practices at all times 

  • Compassion, Honesty and Integrity

  • Acting in a professional manner at all times

  • Working as a team to deliver Value and success to your organisation



  • We will work with you at all times (Stakeholder Engagement)

  • We will provide Subject Matter Expertise

  • We will offer and implement sustainable solutions


Our Promise to Deliver

  • As a team we will deliver exceptional results to time and budget


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